Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My new book a success

  I want to give an update on my new book,THE GARDEN OF EVE  MYSTERY OF THE CHEROKEE HIDEAWAY.  I want to thank everyone who has been instrumental in making it a success.  Many of you did not know that I have written a book and it is published (and avaliable on Amazon).  It has just come off the press and I got my first look at it Friday when my publisher brought it down to Jasper for a book signing at the public library.  It was the first printing and my publisher had already informed me that she had made a mistake on the cover as it differed slighty from the title page.  The cover reads THE SECRET OF THE CHEROKEE HIDEAWAY and the title page reads MYSTERY OF THE CHEROKEE HIDEAWAY.  This mistake resulted in the editor making a recomendation that it read one way, but the plans were for the other and consequently both ended up in print.  Mystery was the word that I wanted to use and will be used in the second printing.  My publisher only had 150 copies printed initialy (most are already gone but iI still have a few) because there are usually mistake in the first printing that needs correcting.  People who now have a copy can verify the first printed ones because of this mistake.
     I have already had three book signings.  Friday we had one at the Jasper library and I signed a lot of books.  After it was over my publisher informed me that she has had only one other author(An established writer with a large following) who signed more books at a session than what I did Friday.  On Saturday there was a book signing in Rogersville and last night(12-6-11) I was one of three authors who were invited to the Huntsville-Madison County library for a historical presentation and book signing.  It was raining and a nasty night but the trip was enjoyable nevertheless.
     I am writing a trilogy and have my second book almost half completed.  I enjoy writing and hope that others enjoy reading my work.  After retirement, there were a number of things that I had on my list to do and writing a novel was one of them.  So I did it with no intention of having it published.  I let Ricky Butch Walker, an author with a number of published books-and a friend of mine, read it and he wanted to know when i was going to have it published.  I told him that I was not.  He contridicted this and insisted that i provide a copy of it to his publisher at Bluewater Publication. When I didn't follow through after he had given me the information to contact her(Angels Broyles) he arranged a meeting with her in Tuscumbia.  I didnt have the manuscript to be in what I thought would be in an acceptable condition but we met anyway.  We talked about the book and its content and she was very interested and requested that we meet again when I had the manuscript in the order that I wanted it to be.  I agreed, but didn't follow up until Butch arranged another meeting and informed me that I had better shape up and give her the manuscript.  After our meeting and after she had time to read it she called with high praise for the book and said that she wanted to publish it--which she did. 
     I think that those who read the book will enjoy it but a word of warning.  Don't read the end first and make sure that you read it well.  There are clues scattered throughout the book that you will need to solve the mystery.  I venture to say that you will not have it completely figured out before reading through the entire thing.  If you do I would like to know about it.  And if you still have questions, dont worry.  The second book will answer some of them.  This book reveals enough to answer most of the questions generated in it but raises new questions to which you will want to know the answers.    
     Sandra Strickland, my classmate from Cordova High School and English teacher extraordinare, was kind enough to edit it for me and correct my many mistakes.  I received assistance from others to which I am extremely grateful.
      If you would like to check out the cover you can see in as advertised on www and go to books and Wheeler Pounds The Garden of Eve.  You do not have to buy from Amazon although it might be the easiest way to get it. If you should want to buy one I will have them and will autograph one for you ($20).  I would like to give everyone one(or discount it) but my contract will not allow that over the fifty books that they provide me to sale or give as gifts.  After the first of the year it will be available on Kindle.      
       It appears that I have just started writing another book here so wil exit for now.  Thanks for being my friend.